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Wether you need personal advice or your enterprise is facing challenges that appear complex, our role is to make you shine and to make it EASY for you.

We have developed our own tools over decades of R&D. These tools and this expertise is all put to work for you.

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What is the EVATrust ® continuous maturity evaluation process all about…

Most companies simply cannot afford to have commercial grade vulnerability assessment tools let alone a team of seasoned security professionals looking out for them. We provide this integrated into a continuous service model.
EVATrust ® is exactly all this, in a monthly service model. Throw into that a ongoing oversight that is focused on continuously evaluating your maturity and you have yourself the industries only cost effective winning.

EVATrust ® is :
  • Multiple commercial grade vulnerability assessment tools rolled into one continuous process.
  • Cyclic compliance evaluation based on a maturity model mapped to an industry recognized standard (NIST 800-171)
  • Cyclic vulnerability assessment (Network based, web and application based, etc.)
  • Cyclic intrusion testing performed yearly (baseline) and monthly (Yes! Monthly)
  • Project support, enables you to never again put something into production without testing it first!
  • A team of security testing specialists dedicated to providing you the benefits of all these elements
  • A management tool that enables managers at all levels to make optimized decisions based on facts

What you get: Dedicated 24 hour access to the most technology savvy team available today. A toolset developed over the course of over 30 years of continuous IT and business work. Technological tools and software to make it work together and deliver a meaningful evaluation that brings results.

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